Thursday, December 20, 2007

Step by step

I never get as much knitting as I would like done. Designing will do that to you. On my Siberian Collared Cardi, I was slowed down by the need to get more yarn and then the fact that new lot of Natural Dark Gray did not at all match. After some hemming and hawing, I have worked out a solution. I now have two complete sleeves! Yay! But I had to pull out the peplum so the sleeves could match. That wasn't such a bad idea, though, as I've decided to complete the plackets first and put the peplum on last. I think the peplum will lay across the front of the body better that way. This puppy's on it's way to completion.

Meanwhile, I've been working on something else: launching the Circles Pattern Collaborative. I originally started talking about this publicly in September 2006. You can see my Circles forum post here. The idea is that anyone in the greater Circles community can have a design published through our collaborative and earn a little money. The hope is that as a group we can garner more attention than each of us as individuals would.

I had hoped to launch it with a set of patterns for basic items such as a crew neck sweater, a baby blanket, etc. I have other sweater designs that I'm looking forward to publishing. I had hoped that I would have them done by now. Life doesn't always cooperate with my grand plans, so I decided to just get this thing going and start with a few small items and add as we can.

As my health improves, I find that I am antsier and antsier about all the things I have not gotten done. I have to keep reminding myself to walk through life step by step. (Oh, that reminds me to work on those sock patterns!)